Hints and tips when rebuilding the tonti frame



The tonti frame is back together with the top and bottom fitted. The top and bottom yolks are on. It is at times like this that I think about Hints and tips to improve. Or how to make it easy as when trying to put some parts back on. The pictures I have from stripping the Moto Guzzi california 2 are not enough or have too little detail. It is a slow process trying to go through my phone with all the pictures as there is no order. Some of the pictures do not have the picture of the parts that I am putting back together.

It is going back slowly and the engine and gearbox was put back together by Baldrick. He is a guzzi trained mechanic so had the clutch alignment tool. This with the new v groove clutch plates , GU12082300 new clutch steel plate, New clutch bush GU29999350, New thrush bearing GU12087001, new clutch cable GU29093000 al brand new and from either corsaitaliana and stein dinse in Germany.

I adjusted the valves without using the engine marks. Charles from http://www.AntietamClassicCycle.com

helped as well as Baldrick. It seems the way to adjust the valves is to turn the engine over, inlet valve down and up on the compression stroke. Place something soft like a straw to detect top dead centre and then adjust the valves. I have searched on the internet and not found the official figures. I have been told inlet 0.15 and exhaust 0.20mm. Or nine thousand .009 for both valves. As it is an older bike only with running will I find out what it is happy with.

The other slow part is that a lot of the bolts are so rusty and washers from being out side in the elements. I will have to replace or try to find new if possible. At the moment I am trying to replace all the o rings and oil seals. All the o rings and oil seals in the gearbox have been replaced. This makes it safer for when paying out for a new clutch the last thing is to have a oil leak from a part that will cost a few pounds in comparison to having to strip the bike down again. To remove the clutch is a time intensive process and will cost several hundred pounds.



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