You only make a mistake when you are

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For me it is at times like this that I learn and adapt in the future. From my past experiences I know that when I am tired mistakes can happen so will down tools and leave for another day. One new one recently which is related from suffering from flu. Not well enough to sleep properly but sneezing so much to use up tissues all the time. There are times of boredom. These are not the best times to try and fix things.

The front master cylinder repair kit brembo kit 98.5029.70 was waiting for me to install. New in the box. I took the master cylinder off the bike and stripped the banjo bolts. Put it in the vice with a rag to buffet the taps as i tried to get out the crush washer. This took quite a while to move and was difficult. I then used a small electrical screwdriver and this gripped the rod dust seal which launched out. This made me think it was under the washer and damaged…..

The reason I divert is that I made a mistake in putting together the front master cylinder with the brembo repair kit. I removed the parts and laid them out so I would reassemble the same way. I put this down to flu as I reassembled I put the dust seal over the rod. The washer over the top and the crush washer last.

The right way is for the crush washer is over the dust seal. This fits over the washer. Then the rod and of course the spring is first in as it pushes back the rod.

In the pictures you can see how I used to fix the kit in place. I could not find many sites to mention how this is done. I hope you use your common sense that any operations like this are very important and if you are unsure then to ask from a person who knows what to do or find a professional that can assist. I was not thinking straight and asked for some assistance. Steve from bevelheaven put me in the right direction by suggesting to push the rod backwards. I had nothing to loose as I was prepared to buy another kit or try to source some new crush washers. I put a small 3mm rod and tightened the vice slowly. Popped out the crush washer and thanks go to Steve and his advice which was spot on!

The callipers are next. New seals and pistons.

This front brake only operates one disc on the front as the rear brake operates one front disc and the rear disc. I assumed that Moto Guzzi California’s had linked front brakes and the back brake operated a percentage of the front one. Now that I have the brakes apart I can see how this works. One of the front discs is more worn than the other one. I am not sure which was the worn disc. If it was linked to the rear disc or just the front one.

The front master cylinder on this California II are the same as fitted to

Ducati 500 Sport Desmo
Ducati 600 SL Pantah
Ducati 750 F1/Laguna Seca

Ducati 350-500 Twin
Ducati 350-500 Twin GTV
Ducati 350-500 Twin Sport
Ducati 500 SL Pantah


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