Brembo brake kits caliper and master cylinder FA08

In the pictures are the calipers and master cylinders with the brembo brake kits fitted. Before I started I researched and found a great article from website on how to service the brembo fa08 calipers. This helped me prepare for what to do and thinking it was going to be easy until I tried to undo the two caliper bolts that hold them together. One came out easy the other was so tight. I continued and it sheared. The next one, one bolt came out, the other so tight to turn. I thought to wait. Out of all three calipers it seemed that one of the bolts was seized on each caliper. No amount of elbow grease seemed to move. I tried to soak some penetrating oil but this made very little difference. I gave them to Harry to have a try. He managed to drill a hole in the broken bolt. Wedge a fitting in the hole and with heat to break the lock. The bolt removed. The second one again with heat. The caliper warmed up. The bolt removed.

Thanks Harry.

After cleaning and degreasing. Removing all the old seals, Cleaning ready for reassembling with new. I took them apart and replaced all pistons, piston seals, dust seals and new bolts fitted. I have complete confidence they will be much easier to bleed with new hydraulic fluid in them.

None of the union hoses or calipers are tightened yet. I have left them loose until the wheels are on with discs and also to arrange the brake pipes before tightening in place. The bike seems to be coming on now Although still a few items needed to sort out. Carburettors and the seat. The bike shows progress and is near to the day when it is out on the road as it should be.


20131204_183317 20131204_160943 20131203_220406 20131204_181242


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