Nearly on the road. Saved from the barn. Moto guzzi california II

The California II is nearly back together.

The pirelli sport 110 90 18 and 120 90 18 demons are fitted onto the cast ally wheels. The mudguards with chrome work all back on. I have found a good chrome cleaner that is removing the surface rust and giving a shine to the chrome. The rear crash bars with rack and pannier brackets are on. It took more work to renovate the original parts but feels like the original bike is still there.

There are a few more parts to fit and clean.

The seat is away being repaired at Lee mentioned it is the Brigitte Bardot shape. I laughed as this was the first time I have heard of her shape compared to the seat. I have asked to keep it to the original look with black and white colouring.

The carburettors are apart and being cleaned. I am not sure how much damage the corrosion has had affect on the carburettors.

The exhausts need to be put back on.

The petrol tank also to be cleaned inside with the filters.

The front screen and headlamp.

Last I have a new battery that does not have the acid in yet. awaiting for the time with all the parts on to be fitted and turn over the engine back into life. After so many years stood still it will be good to hear the bike start again.




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