Dellorto vhbt 30 c carburettors overhaul and renew from the Guzzi California II

The carburettors dellorto vhbt 30 c are taken apart and now in process of buying new parts for them. The bike leaked from comments with the previous owner. So new needle valve and seats are needed. The floats also will have to be checked when reassembled. There are a variety of sizes from checking on the sites for replacements and the Moto Guzzi California II I have is fitted with size 200. The clips also need replacing. One was rusted in as seen below. With a spary of gt85 and a few taps with a hammer. The slider clip was removed. The carbs have vhbt30c with s and d on the end. This is for sinestra and destra which translates to right and left.

The other task is to get the carbs ultrasonic cleaned. This will help to prevent any dirt ot build up of sediment from stopping the bike run. As the bike has been outside, the inside of the carburettors are full of dirt and sediment. Hopefully the clean will restore the carbs back to a new state.

Seems to be nearly on the road but always a few more tasks to carry out.


20140101_162426 20140101_152534 20140101_153656 20140101_154747


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