Meccano or Lego for adults. The Dellorto vhbt 30c carburettors are back together

The Moto Guzzi California II vhbt30c carbs are back together and I have to say a big thank you to Greg and Charlie

They helped me with their diagrams and experience on how to set up the carburettors. I found one of my floats twisted slightly and had to adjust by a few mm. The floats are good to set up as they have a flat surface to enable a straight edge to be used then measure on the side of the carb. The diagrams from Gregs site made it easy to find the specification of the float height and how to measure. The VHBT carbs on mine should be 24mm plus or minus .05mm.

I have replaced new springs on the pilot, main and tick over jets. with new dellorto carburatori COD52510.77 gasket kits. including all the o seals. The vhbt 30c carburettors in the picture are back together after having replaced the float jets size 200, I found that when I stripped them I took pictures but used the following diagram attached below to put them back together. In the diagram the main jet valve looks to be separate but the ball is within parts 64 65 and 66. I was stuck as I thought this was missing. After the ultrasonic clean which brought them up clean and I could hear the little ball rattle inside the jet.

Thanks to Charlie for his advice on the rebuild. When ever I am stuck he knows the answer. I had tried to find out the answer online but it was very difficult to find any one else that had done this work. Thanks also to Chris at for the ultrasonic clean of the carburettors.

The fuel taps are back together. Using my pictures I managed to put back all the washers in the right order. As the carburettor o seals all have been fixed with some silicon grease on all the contacts. On reassembly I used silicon grease on all the threads and especially on the rubber seals coating both the o ring and the area contact. This will help to form a good seal and hopefully not dry out.
I am looking forward to starting the bike but need to clean the tank out as I can see some surface rust has built up and need to clean this. There are a lot of articles about cleaning the rust out of tanks, use of slosh and chemicals to clean the rust.



dellorto VHBt diag




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