One cylinder firing with Lucas Rita Electronic Ignition Kit. CDI problems with starting up after 7 years

All the parts are here for the California. Only the seat is to be fitted but as I have tried to start the bike I was amazed and deflated. After fitting new fuel taps, petcocks as they was leaking. New fuel pipe and connecting up. Turned the key over and the Moto Guzzi California II started up. Amazed as it started so quickly. Although it would not tick over I then felt the exhausts. One cylinder was getting warm and the other cold. I knew it had a issue but what was the problem.

This stopped the bike from ticking over and needed more investigation. My Guru charlie of Helped me to find out what cdi unit I had fitted to the bike.The pictures are below.

I carried out a logical path, starting with fuel and spark.

As I took the plugs out

Found only one side was sparking by placing the plugs on the cylinder and earthing out while turning the bike over.

Then Swapped the supply leads from the Lucas Rita ab11 unit to the coils

Found the spark only occurs with one lead supplied from the amplifier or cdi unit.

From this I believe the cdi unit is faulty. As this is ongoing I have the leads that Charlie supplied who now offer a different cdi unit to replace the possibly faulty lucas Rita amplifier. I have also tried some of their tests to check the unit but am waiting to contact the owners to see how much a replacement unit is or to look at replacing the cdi.



coils fitted on the california II
coils fitted on the California II






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