Sunny days and a story of how to trouble shoot. Oil pressure and knocking on the California II

Below is the Guzzi parked up after a ride out on a sunny day. It feels good to see that after 7 years laid up in a garden rusting away the bike is finally on the road. The bike does not knock any more thanks to Baldrick and his work on the bike. The conrods, shells and the crankshaft ground or polished to fit.

Baldrick spent some time taking the bike apart and now reassembled it is back on the road. I have done about 300 km on the bike and am enjoying the relaxed riding style and character of the bike.

The brakes and tyres are all bedding in and as you know with any new tyres to run in carefully. I have been keeping the revs in the midrange and as much as possible to remember not to labour the engine.

After 500 miles it is due back to Baldricks to have a re torque and check. At the moment the bike is still a little lumpy on tick over and the engine seems to be loosening up. The oil pressure light has seemed to come on very occasionally on tick over which made me carry out a search. Gregory Bendor of this old tractor  has a good thread which will help to look at possible issues for when the first service is carried out. It is always nice to see experience of one person working with the marque that shows how knowledge is gained from working on the Moto Guzzi tonti range.

At the moment it seems ok. Enjoying the sunshine and dry roads.

Sunny days
Sunny days

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