Why you dont need a service done by a mechanic. How factory trained mechanics make the difference


I can service my own bike and maybe like you want to do the work on the bike. My Moto Guzzi California II needed a first service and to torque the heads. The carburettors balanced and mixtures checked. I had Moto Guzzi trained mechanic Baldrick carry out the first service.

Have you done any of these tasks? Would you know how to or have the knowledge to try.

So I took the cali with 900 kms since Baldrick put the engine back together. It started to fail on tick over. Would not pull very clean and was difficult to start. Signs that it needed a service.

There are many videos on you tube and articles to help you in carrying out the tappet adjustments. It is the same as the bellagio that I have posted in my other blogs.

So it was great for me to leave the work to Baldrick. First he removed the tappet covers, torqued the head down. Then to quickly set the tappet gaps on the bike. Both inlet and exhaust set to .22mm. Then he worked on the other cylinder. The carburettor bottoms were taken off and the float bowls checked as I had mentioned the bike running rich. The plugs taken out and checked. The bike was started up after completing all adjustments and then he adjusted the carburettor pilot settings. Adjust the syncing of the carbs. Tyre pressures, check all electrics, bearings, head racers etc.

I then took the bike out for a 6 mile ride to then return to the workshop and then drain the oil while the engine was hot.

Even though this took time to road test the bike. It made sure that the bike was running correctly. That there was no other issues. Great to know that Baldrick is very particular about making sure it was running right.

For me peace of mind that the bike has been serviced by some one who know Guzzis inside out. Hopefully this will save me money in that the bike will last longer, be more reliable.

Call Baldrick and ask how he can make your bike be more reliable 07536 116176


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