spaghetti western shooting when wires come to mind

From the picture you should be able to see that the frame has the wiring loom and clocks attached. It took a long time to work out from pictures and searching on the internet to check the routing of the loom and attachments. The loom seems to be in the right place and some of the connections are connected.

Before I fitted the wiring loom I repaired some of the connectors. Greg from supplied the new pins and holders. He has so much knowledge on older Guzzi s. He has been so helpful with advice and where to go. His website has been a source of information for my rebuild. Plus he has supplied connectors and blocks. Greg was suggested to me from Charlie. I found his web site from looking for information. He has taken so many pictures on his rebuilds that it makes it easier for me to see what to do. Also Charlie has been a great source of information and advice. His web site is

For me and my bike. Its at times of reflection that taking more pictures would have been helpful. The pictures I have are too few. If it was another project then taking more pictures. Regardless of how many would be so helpful.



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